About the Designer

The Designer

Southern-Raised.  Illinois Made.
Kenneathia Hagen, Founder & Designer of reLoved Leather & Vintage Designs is a true southern girl, raised on the riverbanks, in the boondocks, down where
country roots run deep.  
Growing up with her parents and brother, Kenneathia spent every weekend with her mom and dad treasure hunting, antiquing, yardsaling and "pickin'" before pickin' was cool. Her first real "treasure find" was at the age of 9 years old when Kenneathia discovered a rare, 14K & Diamond Cameo Ring from an estate sale for only $3.  She has been collecting vintage jewels for over 35 years and is now a household name in the leather cuff & accessory fashion industry.    
reLoved Leather was established in 2012 when Kenneathia picked up her corporate america high-heels & wornout old cowgirl boots and headed to the Midwest.
reLoved Leather was born only two months into her move to Illinois...when she found an old, vintage broken belt while unpacking her boxes.  Unable to throw out her one of her favorite belts, Kenneathia creatively turned this broken, used, unusable accessory into a modern-day jewelry accessory.  Little did she know, her designs would be featured in over 12 official music videos, on the Red Carpet, at CMAfest, and on the big screen of a current movie in production (to be released in 2018).  
Each leather cuff is handcrafted from upcycled, naturally distressed leather and embellished with vintage designer jewelry pieces such as antique shoe buckles, vintage brooches, fur clips and alike.  Kenneathia travels throughout the U.S. treasure hunting for specific, premium quality costume jewelry that includes swarovski crystals, aurora borealis stones, an assortment of natural stones, turquoise, and sterling silver to name a few.  She also works with modern day conchos and mixed metals to create one-of-a-kind cuffs for Men and Women of all ages, professions and genre. 
Designer pieces that have become reLoved Leather's signature designer cuffs include rare Eisenberg, Schiaparelli, & Julianna costume jewelry.  She enjoys working with circa 1920s - 1970s and each cuff is hand-picked and designed by Kenneathia which includes her signature and reLoved Leather's branded logo
on each piece she creates.  
reLoved Leather is more than a piece of jewelry,we make a statement!
From Nashville, and L.A., to the Great State of Texas and all the way down to the Florida Keys and up the coast through New Jersey and making it's way to New York, reLoved Leather Vintage Designs & Accessories is accessorizing celebrities, country & pop artists as well as women (and men) who love eclectic, one of a kind conversation jewelry.  
All of our products are proudly handmade in the USA from recycled media, materials and vintage jewels.